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Japanese Art and Anime

Japan has a rich and storied history when it comes to Japanese art and anime, and for good reason. Nowadays, anime is incredibly popular, with many considering it to be a global phenomenon. If you consider yourself a fan of Japanese art and anime however, do you feel you know all there is to know about anime? Now incredibly popular and profitable in the Western world, anime has been popular in the West since the nineteenth century. Though a lot has changed since then, at its heart, anime still remains true to itself. Here’s a look at a few interesting facts about Japanese art and anime that you may not have been aware of.


Spirited away is a financial success – Whilst anime always had a large fan base in Asia, and the Western world to a certain degree, there is one movie that changed all that, and raked in a huge amount of money in the process. That movie is Spirited Away. Worldwide, this masterpiece raked in an astonishing $275 million across the globe, and it is still proving profitable even now.


Anime has staying power – Whilst there are countless Anime movies, TV shows, and cartoons, some have been around a very long time. In actual fact, Sazae-San is currently the longest running Anime series in the world. The show was first created back in 1969, and to this day, it currently has over 7400 episodes.


‘Anime’ has a meaning – Though we probably know what Anime is, do we actually what Anime means? If you don’t, it is an abbreviated form of pronunciation for ‘Animation in Japan’.


Anime is an art – Though people who are not too familiar with Anime will basically class it as a cartoon, in reality, it is anything but. Anime is instead an art form as many of the storylines are open to interpretations, they are deep, they are highly emotional, they are complicated, and they are beautiful.


Anime is series business in Japan – Okay, you probably don’t think that this is a very interesting fact because you probably already knew that Anime was popular in Japan, but did you know how popular? Well, to give you a rough idea of the kind of demand for Anime we’re talking about here, every single week, there are around 40 brand new and unique Anime episodes and series, appearing on the TV.


Anime utilizes product placement – One particular series known as Code Geass, is actually sponsored by the Japanese branch of Pizza Hut. The series is set in an alternate dimension to the planet Earth, yet throughout the series, you will often see Pizza Hut being ordered by characters, and the Pizza Hut logo appearing sporadically from time to time.


Japan uses more paper for Anime than toilet paper – Anime is so popular in Japan, that the country actually uses more paper for printing Anime comics and books, than it uses for toilet paper.